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Full Name: Anise Tatlin

Age: 16

Class: Puppet Master

Nicknames: Trollette, Money Grubber...idk

Birthdate: May 15

Birth Place: Daath

Home: Daath

Words to discribe her: Coniving, Mischievous, Playful (I swear she has a kind side.)

Dislikes: People who try to use her or her family, brats who complain too much, being treated like a child (will add more.)

Likes: Money, good company, people who are useful to her, being treated as an adult. (Will add more)


Link to artes here~

She can use Tokunaga to do physical attacks, she carries a staff that she twirls like a baton when she casts. She has had soldier training and even if she lost Tokunaga somehow, she'd be able to cast and probably flight with a staff.

Life Bottle (stock: 5) [recovers fallen ally and heals minor injuries and mental fatigue]
Apple Gel (stock: 5) [heals minor injuries]
Lemon Gel (stock: 4) [same effect as Apple Gel, only more potent]
Orange Gel (stock: 5) [heals minor mental fatigue]
Pineapple Gel (stock: 3) [same effect as Orange Gel, only more potent]


Link (seriously, it's long)


On the surface Anise is a bright, cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl. In actuality her happy smile is a mask to cover what’s really going on. She usually has a smile on her lips but deep down she has a lot on her mind, especially with her responsibilities and goals. Even with all that going on she always seems to try and look at the glass half full. 

Underneath her mask, she is a practical girl; she tries to think things through to the best of her ability and do what would be good for the majority. Of course, even the most mature kids have slip ups in a sense and one can see that with her dark side. It’s completely opposite of what she usually tried to portray. She curses and says threats that she intends to keep. Usually if one gets on her bad side or not in her favor they’ll easily see this side quickly, which consists of her being rather ruthless and cutthroat. Anise has the training of a soldier thanks to the Order of Lorelei. The reason for this is to help pay off her father’s debts that the church offered to take on in return for her family’s cooperation. Due to this debt, she became a money grubber and tried to marry rich. Often she could be found flirting with someone who has the biggest bank account in the vicinity. She has always been mature for her age, forced to grow up and be responsible because of her parent’s money problems and the journey she went through to save the world. 

One incident that changed her forever was when Anise had been blackmail by Mohs. She had to lead her charge, the Fon Master, into a trap, or else her parents would be killed. Unfortunately since she didn’t have enough trust in the people in her group, she followed his orders and led her assumed first love to his death. This changed her, making her feel responsible for what happened to him. She decided to change her ways, becoming less focused on money and more on carrying on Ion’s vision. She wants to become the first female Fon Master and help the church and it’s people live in a world without the score. 

After the Fon Master's death, she has gotten better with hiding behind her mask and is a bit more open and truthful. Anise is also an information gatherer; she likes to hear all the gossip and know what’s going on 24/7.This is mainly out of habit from working as a mole in the group (This of course was forced on her since she had to work in order to pay off her parent's debt.) The puppeteer is also bright and witty; she was able to learn a complicated magic spell really quickly just by sneaking a glance in a spell casting dojo. Of course the down side to that is she can be manipulative and tricky if and when she wants to be.


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