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Player Name: Yuugao
Contact Info: AIM-Yuugao818 MSN(main email)-Yuugao818@hotmail.com
Other Characters Played: N/A

Character Name: Anise Tatlin
Canon: Tales of the Abyss

Canon Background: Background I wrote annnd Wiki

AU Background: (Describe how your character fits in with the AU setting. This can be as simple as a few sentences, or more complex if you have other characters or plots you wish to integrate with. If your character is a particular race besides human, this is also worth mentioning, you can find more about the various races in the setting info found here: http://imperial-mods.dreamwidth.org/4316.html

If you are apping an OC, this section will have to be much more extensive, giving a fuller view of the character since we don't have links for reference.)

Personality:  On the surface Anise is a bright, cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl. In actuality her happy smile is a mask to cover what’s really going on. She usually has a smile on her lips but deep down she has a lot on her mind, especially with her responsibilities and goals. Even with all that going on she always seems to try and look at the glass half full. 

Underneath her mask, she is a practical girl; she tries to think things through to the best of her ability and do what would be good for the majority. Of course, even the most mature kids have slip ups in a sense and one can see that with her dark side. It’s completely opposite of what she usually tried to portray. She curses and says threats that she intends to keep. Usually if one gets on her bad side or not in her favor they’ll easily see this side quickly, which consists of her being rather ruthless and cutthroat. Anise has the training of a soldier thanks to the Order of Lorelei. The reason for this is to help pay off her father’s debts that the church offered to take on in return for her family’s cooperation. Due to this debt, she became a money grubber and tried to marry rich. Often she could be found flirting with someone who has the biggest bank account in the vicinity. She has always been mature for her age, forced to grow up and be responsible because of her parent’s money problems and the journey she went through to save the world. 

One incident that changed her forever was when Anise had been blackmail by Mohs. She had to lead her charge, the Fon Master, into a trap, or else her parents would be killed. Unfortunately since she didn’t have enough trust in the people in her group, she followed his orders and led her assumed first love to his death. This changed her, making her feel responsible for what happened to him. She decided to change her ways, becoming less focused on money and more on carrying on Ion’s vision. She wants to become the first female Fon Master and help the church and it’s people live in a world without the score. 

After the Fon Master's death, she has gotten better with hiding behind her mask and is a bit more open and truthful. Anise is also an information gatherer; she likes to hear all the gossip and know what’s going on 24/7.This is mainly out of habit from working as a mole in the group (This of course was forced on her since she had to work in order to pay off her parent's debt.) The puppeteer is also bright and witty; she was able to learn a complicated magic spell really quickly just by sneaking a glance in a spell casting dojo. Of course the down side to that is she can be manipulative and tricky if and when she wants to be. 

Combat Style: (Summarize how your character fights, if at all. This can include general weapon style, magical powers, or any technological gadgets they use in combat. In general, no matter the style all characters should be assumed to be at around equivalent combat strength. The power level we're shooting for is being able to hold their own when surrounded by a group of ordinary soldiers, but not able to defeat a group of elite soldiers by themselves.

Note: your character does not have to be a fighter in canon to be one in Imperial Saga. You are welcome to make a non-combatant character a combatant, we encourage you to be creative and adapt their trademarks into a unique combat style.)

Kingdom or Faction:  Imperial Guards
For characters joining a kingdom, please also put "Active" or "Passive" by their chosen Kingdom. Active Kingdom members are part of the state, whereas Passive simply live or are from a Kingdom. Characters are highly encouraged to be part of a Kingdom in some way or another.)

Primary Role: Intelligence Operative (Operative) under the guise of a Servant

Soldier or Siege Company: n/a

Tarot Cards: (Choose 3 Tarot cards from the list [ http://imperial-mods.dreamwidth.org/5308.html ] representing your character's past, present, and future. In general this is up to the player, but we do ask that you pick cards that are appropriate. The selected cards will be usable ICly to attain special effects.)

Title:  Anise the Flat  The Puppeteer

Artifacts: n/a

Setting Considerations: (This section is optional. If there are cool or interesting setting concepts from your character's canon that may be necessary to carry out their plotlines or that you think would be interesting here, list it here. Depending on what it is, the mods will consider it and we'll do our best to make it work if at all possible.)

Notes: (This section is optional. If your character requires any special exceptions or other mod rulings or additional information, it goes here.)

Sample Post: There are three acceptable sample posts, and one is required as part of the application process. The first is to make a post with at least 3 threads of 5 or more comments from your character [15 total] in the Testrun box [ http://testrun-box.dreamwidth.com/ ] or a similar musebox/dressing room (Dear_Mun is NOT an acceptable sample post). The second is to answer at least 10 of the questions on the Tarot page [ http://imperial-mods.dreamwidth.org/5308.html ]. Finally, if you are active with the character in another RP, you may link to posts and threads or the character's journal as a sample. Should you have a sample that doesn't quite fit, you may supplement it with a second sample (a few threads in a testrun and 5 questions on the Tarot page, for example).

The Fool The Fool represents the quest for experience, this rare card signifies the beginning of a journey towards knowledge. Drawing the Fool means your character is about to undertake a journey of some sort, from which they will ultimately emerge stronger - should they survive. Effect: The Fool grants a wish, so long as the wish is not particularly extravagant. However, the wish will only be granted if it is made for the sake of someone else besides the wielder of the card. The Fool cannot be stolen or traded, but it may be given freely. The Fool cannot be sacrificed to the Hanged Man. Question: You are about to embark upon a grand journey. What do you carry in your satchel?

The Magician The Magician represents the abilities your character possesses, their talents and general strengths. Drawing the Magician means your character is confronting a challenge that will require all the power they possess to overcome it. It can also represent the influence of another party manipulating events, which can be either benign or malicious. Effect: The power of magic waxes and becomes greater than normal. Question: Your liege has called upon you to perform a task of great importance. Upon what do you rely to complete it?

The High Priestess The High Priestess represents the presence of secrets around you or a truth yet to be revealed. Drawing the High Priestess means there are secrets that could potentially shape events to come. Effect: A secret becomes known to you. Question: Your rival in court knows something that you do not, and this knowledge is giving them the advantage. How do you address this issue?

The Empress The Empress represents the birth of something new and the creation of new life. Drawing the Empress means that something new is going to arrive in your character's life that may affect their future. Effect: The Empress can heal the wounds of a target. Question: What does your presence bring to your kingdom?

The Emperor The Emperor represents command and rulership. Drawing the Emperor means either your character is destined for rule, or that they must accept governorship they cannot change. Effect: The Emperor grants weight to your commands, making your soldiers you more likely to follow your orders with greater vigor, or even follow orders they might not otherwise obey. Question: Why do you deserve to rule this land?

The Hierophant The Hierophant represents the strength of the divine, and generally is related to organized religion. Drawing the Hierophant can represent either a growing friendship or alliance with the church, or it can represent a coming conflict with the church. Effect: Your crystal is strengthened, allowing you to see one message that would otherwise be blocked from view. Question: What is god to you?

The Lovers The Lovers represent relationships and choice. Drawing the Lovers can represent a change in a relationship, or even in more general terms a pivotal choice that must be made. Effect: You exude an aura that makes you pleasant to be around. Question: What is love to you?

The Chariot The Chariot represents battle or struggle. Drawing the Chariot can represent a challenge, often in battle, that is looming, and it can foretell a victory that will be hard to grasp, or even a new inspiration or direction in the character's life. Effect:The morale of your troops increase, causing them to fight harder. Question: It is the eve of a great battle, and the troops have made camp for the night. Where are you and what are you doing?

Justice Justice can represent intellect, analysis and reason, but also coldness and detachment. Drawing Justice can mean that the character is approaching an event that requires a keen or detached mindset, or it can more literally mean a matter of justice will soon present itself to them. Effect: You exude an aura that makes telling a lie uncomfortable and difficult to do. Question: You are presiding over a murder trial where both suspects claim innocence. What do you do?

The Hermit The Hermit can represent either the need to withdraw from society and discover oneself, or the return from isolation or the completion of a journey. Drawing The Hermit can mean the character is not in a good place and needs to seek solitude and regain confidence, or that they are approaching the end of a journey or must return to the world. Effect: Your general force of presence lessens, making people unlikely to notice or remember you. Question: The pressures of court have become too much for you to bear, what do you do?

Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune represents a dramatic shift in fortunes, either positive or negative. Drawing this card means a character's life is going to encounter a major change, usually a dramatic shift from one pole to the other. Effect: Changes the conditions of battle. Question: You are given the opportunity to bet everything you have for great fortune, should you win you will be granted the wealth of kings but should you lose you will lose everything. What do you do?

Strength Strength represents discipline, control and fortitude. Drawing this card means a character possesses, or may soon need to possess great control or discipline for the battles ahead. Effect: Increases the character's physical strength and fortitude, allowing them to take more punishment. Question: What do you do in the face of great adversity?

The Hanged Man The Hanged Man represents sacrifice and martyrdom. Drawing this card means a great sacrifice may soon be required, either by the character or their ally, but that the sacrifice will not be in vain. Effect: You can sacrifice another Tarot card to increase your combat ability for the rest of the battle. Question: For what cause are you willing to sacrifice yourself?

Death Death represents the end of something, but not always actual physical death. Drawing this card means something in the character's life is going to come to an end, for better or for worse. Effect: Death brings about the end of an engagement on the field of battle although the details of such an end can vary. Question: What do you want people to remember about you after you are gone?

Temperance Temperance represents the need for moderation or balance. Drawing this card means a character needs to seek balance or moderation within some aspect of their life. Effect: Temperance removes the effects of alcohol, drugs, poisons, or other inhibiting foreign substances. Question: A celebration is being held in your honor. Lavish food, gifts, and even people are offered at your table. What do you take or do in celebration of your achievements?

The Devil The Devil represents the shackles of self-bondage. Drawing this card means your character is shackled by chains of their own creation, be it alcohol, money, or something else entirely that is preventing them from fully realizing their potential. Effect: The Devil summons magical chains to bind a target PC. These chains can be broken or resisted, but will make the target momentarily unable to attack or respond to attack. Question: What vices keep you from achieving your true potential?

The Tower The Tower represents catastrophe and ruin. Drawing this card means something horrible is to befall your character. Effect: The Tower causes a calamity. Question: Everything you love and held dear has been taken from you in the blink of an eye. What do you do?

The Star The Star represents represents renewed hope or inspiration. Drawing this card can mean a catastrophe is about to end, or that things are going to begin to improve. Effect: The Star can cancel any other active Tarot. Question: What are your aspirations? The Moon The Moon can represent doubt or lack of clarity, or possibly the need for calm and stillness. Drawing this card can mean there is something unclear within the character's life, or that there is a need for greater calm or introspection. Effect:

The Moon generates an aura of calm and clarity around the user. Question: What do you make of your dreams?

The Sun The Sun represents attained knowledge and discovery. Drawing this card can mean your character's knowledge will soon be needed, or that they are on the verge of a breakthrough. Effect: The Sun pierces illusions and reveals things for what they truly are. Question: What do you need to know that you do not know already?

Judgement Judgement can represent a coming judgement, or possibly a preoccupation with one's past or a coming resolution to past events. Drawing this card means a character may soon be judged by another, or that something in their past may soon be resolved. Effect: Activates when a killing blow would be struck, turning it aside and leaving the wielder severely wounded but alive. Question: Who deserves to pass judgement upon you, and who do you deserve to judge?

The World The World represents the end of the cycle or journey beginning with the Fool. Drawing The World means your character is coming to the end of a journey and achieving a certain level of enlightenment. Effect: Links the minds, feelings and emotions of everyone on the battlefield. The World cannot be traded or stolen, but it can be given freely. The World cannot be sacrificed to the Hanged Man. Question: At the end of the journey, what remains in your satchel?


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